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I just wanted to say, while it’s all still fresh in my mind, that that was undoubtedly the most enjoyable and most successful clothes shopping trip I have ever been on. I was very impressed with your knowledge of the different shops and the research you had put in in advance. There were very few clothes you brought to me that weren’t suitable and we filled all the gaps in my wardrobe which we had identified.

On my own I would have come home with about a third of the stuff, probably bought some things which I would have later taken back. Come home tired and frustrated and had to go shopping again another day. As it was we came home with clothes and accessories that I love (I know you promised I would but I wasn’t entirely convinced!) and nothing is going back and I wasn’t even tired at the end of it all – result!

Anthea Whitton, Lawyer 

Kat Johnson –  Fully Qualified Personal Stylist

Following a successful career working in the media industry for over 25 years, I found myself in the lucky position of being able to change my path. Most Importantly, I followed my lifetime dream of becoming a Personal Stylist.

I trained with both the London College of Style and the British College of Professional Styling to become a Personal Stylist. On top of this, I have obtained Diplomas in Personal Styling and Styling for Photo, Film and TV.  Besides these, I also routinely attend masterclasses to ensure that my skills and knowledge are up to date and reflect industry trends. One of those being, The Essentials of Colour, learning how to define colours for my clients thus becoming a Colour Expert.

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Hiring a stylist is a very personal experience so my aim is to make sure you feel at ease and 100% comfortable. This is why I offer a free 1/2 hour Pre Style Consultation included in your Personal Styling Service. Therefore, we have time to get to know each other, find out more about what you like and dislike and what you need from your styling experience.

To book your Personal Styling Service because you want to be confident, stylish and look amazing every day, please call or email me on the link below.