About Kat Johnson

Kat Johnson stylist

Hi, I’m Kat Johnson and this page introduces you to my story, my love for clothes and fashion, and why I became a Personal Stylist and Shopper.

My Early Years

It started when I was very young. We were so poor that my nana had to make my clothes from old curtains. I was fascinated with watching her cut out patterns and sew my dresses together. My father and both my grandfathers were in the boot and shoe business. Therefore, I learnt very quickly how to clean my shoes and look after them. I loved the smell of the polish and the leather. My grandmother taught my mother, who in turn taught me about style and how to use colours when dressing myself. One of my earliest memories is wearing my “best outfit” for special occasions.

As a Teenager

From my teenage years’ I have always read style magazines looking at the latest trends and fashion. I loved putting high street brands together to create designer looks. From this, I have then advised my friends and family as to what to buy and how to accessorise, which they found very valuable. Styling has always been a huge part of my whole life and I now have great pleasure in sharing my knowledge with you.

Launching Kat Johnson Styling

From my love of clothes and fashion I set up Kat Johnson Styling. My deep rooted passion is to make my clients feel truly confident and comfortable through what they wear. I believe that no matter what age, size, gender identity, race or ability, everyone can be inspired to look amazing every day.

I gain huge enjoyment and delight in styling my client’s transformation; from the initial anticipation, to their light bulb moment and understanding on how and what they should be wearing. They look amazing and the impact on their confidence and their whole being is always a joy for me as a professional personal stylist. It can be life changing for my clients and makes a huge impact on their life.

In my Spare Time

When not being obsessed with clothes and fashion I do my best to keep fit. Which results in trying really hard at the gym, yoga and running. I love dogs and I am a “doggy foster parent” which means I borrow people’s dogs and look after them when they are away. My friends are very important to me, so I am the first to organise a social night out and consequently the last to go to bed. My ultimate dream would be to host my own TV styling show.

Please feel free to contact me, I shall be delighted to hear from you.