Colour Consultation

Do you sometimes look at clothes in the shops and think, does that colour suit me? On the flip side, you see a colour you love, but you say to yourself that colour will never look good on me? Similarly, you may try an item of clothing but you are not sure why it doesn’t make you look great?

I will find the colours that suit you, so you know what to wear and you can identify the right colours in the shops.  I use a distinct method which relates to skin tone, eye colour, hair colour AND your personality. Firstly I ask you a few personality questions, then I use colour drapes to find out your unique colours.

What’s included in your Colour Consultation

  • Pre Style Consultation
  • Identifying a range of primary colours that will suit your complexion
  • Advice on how to wear your secondary colours correctly
  • Learn how to incorporate these colours into your wardrobe
  • Expert knowledge on fashion colours and how to wear them
  • Tips on how to find the right colours when shopping
  • A personalised colour fan you can take shopping

Wearing the right colours not only gives you an immediate boost, it will make you feel and look amazing! Finding colours which complement your natural complexion makes you appear youthful, healthier and more vibrant.  Additionally, when colour works its magic, it will also make any signs of ageing, skin blemishes, lines and wrinkles all disappear, which means you are not spending fortune on products. Why not invest, because wearing the right colours gives you immediate confidence, youthfulness and ultimately the “Wow Factor”.

What My Clients Say….

Colour Consultation – £95

Hiring a stylist to do your colours is a very personal experience, so my aim is to put you at ease and make sure you feel 100% comfortable. This is why I provide a free 1/2 hour Pre Colour Consultation before your session. Therefore, we have time to get to know each other and find out what you like and dislike.

To book your Colour Consultation because you want to be confident, stylish and look amazing every day, please call or email me on the link below.


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