Why I am qualified to help you

I specialise in LGBTQ Personal Shopping because it is close to my heart. I married Lindsey in 2013 who is non- binary and I have lots of friends who are LGBTQ. Additionally, living in Manchester which is probably the most LGBT friendly place in the UK, gives me easy access to the LGBTQ community and everything it offers.

From this fortunate position, I have styled many LGBTQ clients, including Lindsey, for their general wardrobe, wedding outfits, for work and special occasions. Even dressing clients just for a night out. Most importantly, each person is different, therefore I have to make sure I keep their individuality and help them dress for their own identity.

Shopping for clothes can be a minefield and sometimes difficult to know where to shop for your body shape, especially if you are very individual. Therefore, let’s go together so I can relieve all your stress and concerns you have about finding new clothes. I have built relationships with department stores and clothes shops in Manchester, which means that you have a choice of changing rooms and we can be as discreet if needed. I can pre-select clothes for you to try on which will be waiting for you in the changing room. This means, I save you valuable time and money.  Finally, you will be trying on clothes that fit your body shape, budget and most importantly your individuality.

What’s included in your LGBTQ Personal Shopping

  • Pre Personal Style Consultation
  • Advice on clothes that fit your body shape
  • Sourced and pre-selected clothes which are ready for you to try on
  • Help on what to buy that complement your existing clothes
  • Fresh ideas on how to put new outfits together
  • Ensuring those clothes capture your personality and your identity
  • Expert advice on how to buy accessories
  • Valuable styling tips throughout the shopping session
  • High quality photos of you in your new clothes
  • Updated advice on fashion and trends
  • My honest and expert opinion

This is an exciting, fun and quite liberating experience. You will arrive home with clothes that fit your body shape, reflect your personality and your individuality. You will be able to use your new-found knowledge for future shopping trips, so you know where to shop and which clothes suit your body shape. Making you feel confident, stylish and inspired to look amazing every day.

What My Clients Say….

LGBTQ Personal Shopping Investment – 3 hours £200

Hiring a stylist is a very personal experience so my aim is to make sure you feel at ease and 100% comfortable. This is why I offer a free 1/2 hour Pre Style Consultation included in your Personal Styling Service. Therefore, it gives us the time to get to know each other, find out more about what you like and dislike and what you need from your styling experience.

To book your LGBTQ Personal Shopping, because you want to be confident, stylish and keep your individuality, please call or email me on the link below.