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‘Hi Kat, I thought I would send you my review of the day.

I have spent many a frustrating day clothes shopping with my Mum. She is 4ft 11, in her 60’s, voluptuous and it’s an extremely difficult challenge to find clothes that fit and look good on her.

Kat informed my Mum of her shape type, did her colours and advised on the type of styles that she should be looking for and veer away from. This was a complete education and when put in to action we managed to find several great pieces that looked fantastic on my Mum. That has never happened before – and not only was it enlightening but also gave my Mum confidence that she hasn’t had for a very long time.

Kat is patient, engaging, lots of fun and a great teacher! I would thoroughly recommend her – if she can work a miracle on my Mum she can do the same with anyone.

A great big thank you from us x ‘




Asha Tuck Very pleased Daughter, Northamptonshire February 28, 2017